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An artistic representation of our understanding of reality as based on our systems of belief.

Of Gods, Nations, Idols and Reality (Part 2)

It is difficult to separate the God from the temple, the temple from the rituals; and the rituals from the lifestyle. But how do they assist in life? This is the essential difference between orthopraxy, orthodoxy and ritualism.

An artistic fictional representation of the archaeological dig at the Statue of Unity in the distant future

Of Gods, Nations, Idols and Reality (Part 1)

This is an observation on our tendency to turn intellectual constructs into physical constructs. What happens to these physical constructs when the underlying intellectual constructs change, or wither, or birth new ones?

Vernacular architecture today, what is it, how do we do it, does it matter?

Vernacular For What?

I define vernacular architecture in two ways:
1. Architecture practiced by a set of people that responds to their culture, climate and materials actively
2. Architecture that can be designed, built, and maintained by these people themselves

Dr. Albert Speer (left), Hitler's chief architect, presents his model of the German Pavilion, designed for the World's Fair in Paris in 1937 Date: 1937 Source: History Today

Nationalism and Architecture (Pt. 1)

This piece is an extract from an as-of-yet unpublished essay written for the COA competition held in May 2020. The essay is in 2 parts, the second of which is also available in this site.

Architecture In India

Architecture In India

Architecture in India is plagued by issues both at home and away.

I attempt to provide answers to some of the most common professional issues for architects and architecture in India today.

Hello world! :)

Hello World!

Hi! 🙂 “Hello World!” is the canonical way to start off in the digital world; and especially so in the blogosphere (do people use this word nowadays?). In one of the starting lectures in the Harvard open course on Programming Basics – CS 50 (check it out here), the course head David J. Malan talks … Continue reading Hello World!

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